5 rules of design
i studied eastern feng shui to develop new feng shui-rules that are used successfully since 2001.
> natural order
  a designer combines suitable elements to achieve a personal composition that includes the whole room. ideas grow to thoughts and ultimately form an "invisible" structure
> experiencing rooms
  space should be experienced. life-like design help to center and gain strength.
> creating atmosphere with colors
  colors can be felt and experienced. red places emphasis on fire and warmth. blue and green lend a cool and fresh air to any room. they interact to create a vivid design.
> polarity
  opposites and antagonisms make for vitalizing or relaxing fields of tension. their properties are situated between the poles of yin and yang
> a world of sound
  yin is like the minor key: calm, solemn, dark and grave. yang is like the major key: vitalizing, exciting, bright and merry.
design theory
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sabine fischer's inspiring and transforming work with the natural laws of harmony makes her a very special kind of teacher. her vivid lectures, workshops and trainings provide contemporary people with a modern part towards their center and their own source of inspiration and strength.

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